Transport To Malaga From £595

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UK to Malaga return .... 3000 miles

Transport From Malaga From £595

We Are Transporting Cars & Bikes Again, Book Now

Lisbon To UK return .... 2800 miles

UK To Malaga From £595

Marrakech To UK return .... 3800 miles

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UK To Malaga From £595


Motorcycle Transport To Europe

Ride in Spain, Portugal and Morocco the easy way…. let us crunch the motorway miles for you

Getting your motorcycle to your tour destination can be a real chore when it’s really the routes near your destination you want to ride.

So let us do the hard work for you and transport your motorcycle to an airport near your destination so that you can take the easy way there and fly!​

Fly And Ride specialise in group motorcycle transport to Europe. We transport motorcycles from our Gatwick depot overland to Malaga enabling you to fly and experience your own adventures in Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

The number of routes is almost limitless so that once you have transported your bike to Malaga you have the energy ,enthusiasm and time to make the most of your trip.

We find that once people have used motorcycle transport to Europe once they will use it again and again as it beats crunching those motorway miles which is energy sapping for the rider and uses up valuable time.

To organise your motorcycle transport to Europe you need to check out our transport dates and then book in your bike with us and finalise your travel plans. You will need to drop of your bike with us a few days before your planned trip to Europe.

To answer more of your questions visit our FAQ section. For a single or group booking enquiry for our scheduled transport please complete the scheduled booking form. For transport to different destinations or times not in out standard schedule then please use the bespoke transport booking form.

We look forward to transporting your motorcycle to Europe with Fly And Ride.

"Through this service we were on our bikes within an hour of landing at Malaga airport and we were riding the roads we wanted to from the off." 

P. Sawbridge

"I can highly recommend Fly and Ride’s first-class service. It saved me money and lots of time in riding there and back."

Chris Scott -

"We had a great service from FlyandRide and would be happy to recommend them to other bikers."

P. Sawbridge

"Rob's service was flawless, the bikes were picked up on time from London and delivered spotless in Malaga. I have no hesitation recommending Rob."

Lemy Gresh

"Enjoying a great trip Rob, thanks for safely getting our bikes & equipment here. Spending today visiting the rock at Gib & then ferry to Africa tomorrow. First stop is Tangier then Rabat, Casablanca, Agadir before heading inland and cutting through the Atlas Mountains to Marrakesh before planning a return route back. The other guys send their regards."


"The cost stands up well in comparison to riding and ferrying a bike yourself with the benefit of gaining extra days riding exactly where you want to be." 

P. Sawbridge

"Rob like to just Thank-you for transferring my BMW 1200GS from Aberdeen to Malaga here in Spain. No Surprises from Start to Finish."

Derek Christie

"I just want to thank you for your help and for the delivery of my motorbike in Spain. I was really happy with the service provided and with your information and updates during the process of the delivery. I will highly recommend your services."


"A huge thank you to Rob at Fly and Ride for safely shipping our bikes to, and from, ‘The Tour of Portugal’. Despite some tricky manoeuvers to get into our location, the bikes were loaded with a minimum of fuss, and arrived without hitch at their destination, the return was likewise smoothly handled, his service was exemplary and Rob was in constant contact updating us on his progress. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Rob and will certainly be using Fly and Ride again in the future."

Patsy Quick - Desert Rose Racing, East Sussex